Welcome on the Exam Tools Documentation

This is the user documentation for the Exam Tools, a web-based management tool that was introduced at the IPhO 2016. Exam feedbacks, translations, printing, voting, corrections and ranking are among the features of this tool.

During the registration process you had to confirm that your delegation will join with at least one supported notebook computer, and that you were successfully able to translate the test exams. Note that the organizers will not provide any notebooks or workstations to the delegations (except with prior arrangement).

Translation Process

The translation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Enter the exam section
  2. Define a new language
  3. Start the translation
  4. Generate the printable version
  5. Repeat if translation in more languages is needed
  6. Assign the languages to the students and submit

To guide you through this process we prepared a step-by-step guide which reports the tasks that you already completed and explains how to perfom the next steps.

Of course, you can always ask a Team Guide or IT Staff member for help.


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Feedbacks, Help

Please contact a Team Guide or IT Staff member if you need help with the exam tool or you notice something malfunctioning.

Contact e-mail: exam-tools-users@oly-exams.org